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More toddler activities

  1. Measure & Sort- 3 pieces of paper at different lengths, measure random scraps of ribbon, string, etc and group by length
  2. Magnet Pictures
  3. Color Popsicles
  4. Make a Shape- for beginners… trace the popsicles in their shapes and then have them make the shapes with the guides
  5. Object Match

Toddler activities

I participated in 2 toddler bag activity swaps last year.  Here are some of the activities in case you are looking for something to entertain your toddler:

  1. Felt pizza
  2. Number wheel
  3. Animal counting cards
  4. Color Wheel
  5. Magnetic pom pomscan use on the refrigerator or on a cookie sheet, create your own pictures or find more online
  6. Beads and Pipe cleaners
  7. Foam shape puzzles- make the same pattern
  8. Homemade play dough
  9. Button snake– practices buttoning skills
  10. Popsicle stick puzzle
  11. Pushing pom poms– simply push pom poms through hole
  12. I Spy fish– find objects hidden in the rice
  13. Match the shapes
  14. Dinosaur memory game
  15. Double sided felt board
  16. Pasta Beads/Sorting- you can sort by color or shape or string them together
  17. Number cards- place the correct number of beans by the number
  18. Lacing cards
  19. Shades of color- can sort by color and gradient for more advanced
  20. Matching color shades– match by color and then match by shades for more advanced

Whooty Whoo

sock animal

Vroom Vroom!

mini travel car mat

Mini reversible felt board

Participating in a toddler activity bag swap with 19 other moms. I made this activity to swap.