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On a break

All my crafting things are in hibernation.

For the past 2 months, my nap times have been taken up by packing, cleaning, unpacking and settling into our new home… in a new state. We are in the process of buying a house so even though we feeling somewhat settled in this new city, I’m not settled enough to break out my crafting things and create. Most of my things are in boxes and containers. And there they will stay for awhile until we are in our new home and I have a space for them.

(I did unpack a few things so I could make a pillow for a friend’s proposal and a dress for my daughter to wear on Cow Appreciation Day. Couldn’t pass up those opportunities!)



Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Things got pretty busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas and I have one last craft for this season.  So I’ve been busy make more items to sell for this last craft fair.  Thankfully its next weekend, so things will settle down after that.  But hopefully this next week, I’ll be able to post some new pics of the flowers I made for this one.  Some are the same kinds…  and some are new!

Check back at the end of this week!