Fabric Swap

Organizing a fabric swap with some friends to make I Spy quilts.  Thought it would be more fun than choosing and buying all the fabric myself.  Plus its a lot cheaper.  There’s 14 of us participating in this swap.

Here’s what each of us have to do:

  • Choose 4 different patterns of fabric
  • Pre-wash the fabric before cutting
  • Cut the squares- size 4in x 4in
  • Everyone will come to the swap with 14 squares of each fabric. You can bring extras too if you want
  • When you buy the fabric, please put a little description of it next to your name (ie. cat, crayons, letters, etc) and “reply all” so we don’t have a bunch of the same pictures
  • We will meet at my place on .  If you can’t come, let me know and I’ll get the fabric from you or you can have someone bring it for you.

Looking forward to our swap and seeing all the fun fabrics.  Check back to see the fun fabrics!


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