Toddler activities

I participated in 2 toddler bag activity swaps last year.  Here are some of the activities in case you are looking for something to entertain your toddler:

  1. Felt pizza
  2. Number wheel
  3. Animal counting cards
  4. Color Wheel
  5. Magnetic pom pomscan use on the refrigerator or on a cookie sheet, create your own pictures or find more online
  6. Beads and Pipe cleaners
  7. Foam shape puzzles- make the same pattern
  8. Homemade play dough
  9. Button snake– practices buttoning skills
  10. Popsicle stick puzzle
  11. Pushing pom poms– simply push pom poms through hole
  12. I Spy fish– find objects hidden in the rice
  13. Match the shapes
  14. Dinosaur memory game
  15. Double sided felt board
  16. Pasta Beads/Sorting- you can sort by color or shape or string them together
  17. Number cards- place the correct number of beans by the number
  18. Lacing cards
  19. Shades of color- can sort by color and gradient for more advanced
  20. Matching color shades– match by color and then match by shades for more advanced

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